Galapagos: Evolution of the Fundamentals, starts Mar 9

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  • TUESDAYS MAR 9, 16, 23, 30
    • 4:00pm to 6:00pm (LA/Vancouver)
    • 7:00pm to 9:00pm (Toronto/NYC)
    • [WEDNESDAYS] 8:00am to 10:00am (Manila)
    • [WEDNESDAYS] 11:00am to 1:00pm (Melbourne)
    • [WEDNESDAYS] 1:00pm to 3:00pm (New Zealand)


What’s the difference between the tortoises of the Galapagos Islands and other tortoises? They’ve had a similar and parallel evolutional as those on the continent, but there are details and subtleties that distinguish them, too. This observation can be transposed to the world of improvised theatre. After many years of working in improv, in the majority of communities, we develop similar styles of play. The differences and subtleties are hidden in how understand those styles and how we communicate them.

In this online workshop, you will explore and work on the fundamental ideas of improvised theatre under the lens of Frédéric Barbusci and the philosophy of Les Productions de L’Instable via: game, listening, accepting, respecting the scene and your scene partner, reactions, being present and receptive.

It’s time to re-examine our beliefs about improv and delve into the heart of our creative process from new perspectives. To see our craft in new ways and revisit our first principles. Not because the tortoises we know are better or worse, they’re simply a little different.


Graduate of l’école supérieur de Théâtre à Montréal, Frédéric started teaching at the end of the 90s as well as coaching College and University improv teams. Since joining Quebec’s esteemed LNI in 2005, he has been called to teach classe all over Canada. He has also taught across Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Luxemburg & Switzerland) over the years.

For six years, Frédéric hosted and wrote for “Pseudo Radio“ and “Mission: Mayday”, two youth programs on Radio-Canada. Passionate about improv and its possibilities, he was the coordinator for the Ligue d’improvisation montréalaise (LIM) where he produced shows until 2015. Always seeking to push his creative limits, he co-founded the theatre collective CINPLASS in 1999 where the artistic direction, focused on open, collaborative improvised theatre, had a large influence on his own improv company, Les Productions de L’Instable, founded in 2011. With Les Productions de L’Instable, he created a training program adapted to beginners and experienced players that was much appreciated, especially by those who were hesitant to explore outside of the conventional Match format.

Writer, creator and visual artist of note, Frédéric has contributed to the success of many projects.


Two scholarship / PWYC spots are reserved in each class at Improv College for members of equity-seeking communities on a first-come, first-served basis. To claim a spot in this class, simply email with your name, the class title and your intention to claim one of these spots.