Twoprov Coaching with Rachael Mason

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  • Book coaching with Chicago's RACHAEL MASON
  • 60$ USD /hour of coaching
  • For experienced duos
  • Availability is limited. 



Practicing Twoprov: Helping a duo identify and heighten both individual and group super powers.

A rare online opportunity to have a workout space for duos with coaching from one of Chicago's most experienced teachers, Rachael Mason. Rachael is one half of The Boys, her incredible duo with Susan Messing. Get hands-on direction, feedback and personal notes for your duo so you can both recommit and rock.

  • Guided teaching practice with feedback
  • Develop productive patterns
  • Learn how to play to both each other's strengths and weaknesses

Requirements: Students are expected to be experienced improvisers in an established duo (>60 hours of classes and performing)


Rachael Mason is a world-renowned Director, Writer, and Teacher schooled in the famed Chicago improv scene. While at The Second City, iO, and Annoyance she developed and now teaches her philosophy of not “yes and” but “Yes And Because" where scenes that are rich and sustainable are inevitable and infinite. She has toured and taught all over the globe, headlining festivals with her comedy partner Susan Messing as The Boys.

Rachael moved from NY (Bogart, Suzuki, Checkov, Becker) to Chicago to study improvisational acting with Del Close and became Training Center Director for 9 years at The iO Chicago. As head of Advanced Improvisation at The Second City she implemented The Satire Salon, Dramatic Improv, Scenic Improv, Private Lessons, and curriculum for The DePaul University, Skidmore College, Columbia College, U of C, and The Harold Ramis Film School… while also performing with the SC International Touring Company, SC Works, and The Improv All-Stars.

She has performed and taught musical improv with Baby Wants Candy, dabbled in some Donkey Improv at The Annoyance, and even played with The Hot Karl at ComedySportz. She’s worked with theater novices, Masters Degree Candidates at universities, and working professionals both in and outside of the entertainment industry. Candor is her love language. She passionately believes that putting art where there was none before is an act of revolution.


A portion of the funds from these coaching sessions goes towards the Improv College scholarship program.

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