Register for our new Improv Teams for 2022-2023

Not everyone lives in a city with an improv theatre.
Not everyone can go up or down those flights of stairs.
Not everyone has their visual impairment made into a strength.
Not everyone can afford an in-person improv class.
Not everyone lives in a country with the same purchasing power.
Not everyone has their identity respected in their improv spaces.
Not everyone has the same access to learning improv.

The online-only Improv College still exists because our mission is to bring improv to as many people as possible. And I promise to keep working to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

I've never worked with so many incredible people, students and teachers, from around the world as I have since I started this project.

We're in our third year of creating international improv teams. From brand-new improviser to experienced player, our Teams learn, laugh and grow together from Sep 2022 to Jun 2023. Featuring Comedy, Drama, Narrative and Audio-Only improv teams, there's one or more formats that's got your name on it!

With tiered pricing, scholarships for equity-seeking communities and pricing for international students, we aim to remove financial barriers for anyone who wants to learn improv.

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IMAGE: Brett Jordan on Unsplash