Free Monthly Drop-Ins

Meet new people and have some fun!

These workshops are provided free of charge thanks to scholarship donations to Improv College. Many thanks to our generous donors!


Free Monthly Improv Drop-In Jam

Come join our new monthly drop-in jam! Totally free to anyone (don't have to be a student at Improv College). Simply join the Zoom meeting a few minutes before our start time. Hosted by the wonderful Franky Agueci. Let them take you on an improv jam journey!
Last Sunday of each month, 3pm Eastern [convert time zone]
Franky Agueci is a non-binary improviser based in Ottawa, ON. They trained at The Improv Embassy, where they also played on house teams and coached students. Franky co-founded Embassy Q, the first queer improv troupe in Ottawa. They've been improvising for six years, and have performed in festivals such as Mprov and OIF. They're passionate about improv accessibility and it's benefits on mental health.
What would an entirely non-binary improv space feel like? Let's find out together!
Don't worry if you missed the first session! Invi Brenna will be leading us through an exploration of only playing characters and situations you're 100% enthusiastically on board with.
Come learn how to be the best scene partner you can be by knowing and looking after your own needs and boundaries! Or, just come to have fun in a relaxed environment where you're not "the token one", and nobody's going to think twice about your pronouns.
Note that for this workshop there's no such thing as "not non-binary enough" or "not the right kind of non-binary". It is a wide, wide umbrella term with room for all kinds of identities from all kinds of cultures. And whether you've known your whole life, or you've only just had the time to think about your gender recently, whether you've got a lot of gender in you or none at all, you're welcome here.
Invi Brenna has been doing Improv for a decade now, and they have a funny story about how they've been gender non-conforming since the day they were born. Originally from Norway, they moved to the UK to study all things theatre nine years ago. In the half a decade since graduating, they've directed, produced and/or acted in a variety of professional shows both scripted and unscripted. They like their Improv like they like their life: Full of genuine human connection. It's more fun that way.
Free, monthly, BIPOC improv drop-in workshop space. Play and practice in a curated space where you can relax and be your best self.
Second Sunday of each month, 3pm Eastern [convert time zone]


AHRAN LEE is a 1.5 Korean American multidisciplinary artist, improv actor, and event designer and facilitator based in Berkeley, California. Ahran loves designing community spaces where she can facilitate collective creativity and vulnerable sharing to alchemize trauma into collective healing. Themes found in Ahran’s creative work range from AAPI women empowerment, raising mental health awareness, to exploring decolonization of oppressive systems. Ahran wants to be the first generation in her lineage who boldly breaks away from oppressive patterns by creating and occupying space loudly and proudly. Ahran is an energy mover. Ahran is an ancestral pattern shifter.

ANDY MARIE is a queer mixed-race Filipino actor/writer/improviser based in Vancouver, BC (unceded territories). They are an alum of Improv College's mainstage narrative team and Montreal Improv Theatre's narrative house team and main ensemble. Recent work includes supporting roles in the 2019 Leo Award-nominated mockumentary film "Open for Submissions" and the upcoming musical comedy feature "Much Ado!". They also wrote the story for the Telefilm Talent to Watch-funded web series "Best Friend Me," which is currently in pre-production. Andy enjoys exploring identity, culture, and what it means to be human through comedy, collaborative art, and storytelling.