Free Monthly Drop-Ins

Meet new people and have some fun!

These workshops are provided free of charge thanks to scholarship donations to Improv College. Many thanks to our generous donors!


Free Monthly Improv Drop-In Jam

Come join our new monthly drop-in jam! Totally free to anyone (don't have to be a student at Improv College). Simply join the Zoom meeting a few minutes before our start time. Hosted by the wonderful Franky Agueci. Let them take you on an improv jam journey!
Last Sunday of each month, Noon Eastern [convert time zone]
Franky Agueci is a non-binary improviser based in Ottawa, ON. They trained at The Improv Embassy, where they also played on house teams and coached students. Franky co-founded Embassy Q, the first queer improv troupe in Ottawa. They've been improvising for six years, and have performed in festivals such as Mprov and OIF. They're passionate about improv accessibility and it's benefits on mental health.